Mobile Swim Lessons

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Have your own pool or community pool? We can come to you. Book private classes or small group classes for your neighborhood.

Each instructor is assigned to cover a service area. You will be assigned an instructor based on their service area. Don’t see your pool listed in our service areas? Make sure to reach out and we can add it to our list.

Registration Dates

  • Registration is currently open for April & May lessons (enroll below)
  • Registration start date for June-August lessons: May 1, 2023 at 5:30 AM

Mobile Service Areas


  • Ashcroft
  • Cascadia
  • Fontana
  • Riverbend
  • Elks Lodge
  • Key West
  • Private Residences


  • Fry Springs Beach Club
  • Private Residences

5th Street Station

  • Lake Reynovia
  • Foxcroft
  • Private Residences

Cville North

  • Belvedere Reserve
  • Forest Lakes (North and South)
  • Still Meadow
  • Dunlora
  • Hollymead
  • Private Residences (to include Earlysville and Ruckersville)

Cville South

  • North Garden
  • Scottsville
  • Private Residence

    Cville East

    • FUMA
    • Spring Creek
    • Lake Monticello
    • Private Residences

    Cville West

    • Ivy
    • Crozet
    • Greencroft Country Club
    • Old Trail
    • Foxchase
    • Private Residences

      We have two instructors that live in Lake Monticello. Lake Monticello residents will be given discounted mobile rates at the same rate as our Key West non-member rate.

      Mobile Swim Lesson Rates

      2 years old to adult. For mobile classes only: if an older sibling is enrolled, toddlers can enroll starting at 15 months. 20-minute lessons are for swimmers under 3 years old only.

      Four, 20-minute lessons
      Private: $133
      Semi-private: $174
      Four, 30-minute lessons
      Private: $200
      Semi-Private: $261
      Four, 45-minute lessons
      Private: $300
      Semi-Private: $391
      Four, 60-minute lessons
      Private: $400
      Semi-Private: $522
      Six, 20-minute lessons
      Private: $200
      Semi-Private: $260
      Six, 30-minute lessons
      Private: $300
      Semi-Private: $390
      Six, 45-minute lessons
      Private: $450
      Semi-Private: $585
      Six, 60-minute lessons
      Private: $600
      Semi-Private: $780
      Eight, 20-minute lessons
      Private: $266
      Semi-Private: $348
      Eight, 30-minute lessons
      Private: $400
      Semi-Private: $522
      Eight, 45-minute lessons
      Private: $600
      Semi-Private: $782
      Eight, 60-minute lessons
      Private: $800
      Semi-Private: $1044

      Small Group Classes

      Set up small group classes for your neighborhood. All participants must be at the same skill level in order to book small group classes. Review our group class descriptions before submitting an enrollment form to help you determine how to set up your small group class.

      Pre School Small Group

      Ages: 3-5 years old
      Class size: Min 3, Max 4
      Length: Six, 30 minute lessons
      Cost: $151

      School Age Small Group (Ages 6-12)

      Ages: 6-12 years old
      Class size: Min 3, Max 4
      Length: Six, 40 minute lessons
      Cost: $176

      Other Information

      Please review our FAQ page before submitting an enrollment form.
      • Priority enrollment will be given to clients with credits on their accounts.
      • Priority enrollment will be given to current and returning clients.
      • We will not start scheduling summer swim lessons until we receive enough enrollment forms to put together a thoughtful schedule for each instructor. We plan mobile routes very carefully to maximize the number of lessons offered in a day.
      • Due to anticipated high demand, your request may not be filled or you may be waitlisted.
      • You will receive a detailed list of CVSS policies and procedures upon a confirmed booking.
      • We are a very small business so please be patient while we continue to grow.